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Signed SAS Memorabilia


Robin Horsfall is ‘The Wise Old Paratrooper.’ He served with the Parachute Regiment and 22 Special Air Service (SAS) from 1972 to 1984. He took part in several famous missions including the SAS Embassy Siege in London on May 5th 1980 and a suicide mission into Argentina in 1982. Shot, stabbed and the victim of an attempted bombing in Northern Ireland before the age of twenty-one these are just some of his many exploits plus others as a sniper, mercenary and bodyguard. An acclaimed martial artist, in recent years he started placing philosophical maxims on social media and became known as ‘The Wise Old Paratrooper.’

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Signed Photographs

A range of exclusive signed photographs including the famous explosion on the front balcony at the Iranian Embassy Siege.A range of exclusive signed photographs including the famous explosion on the front balcony at the Iranian Embassy Siege.

Framed SAS Embassy Display

A unique framed monochrome display with four A5 hand signed pictures by Robin Horsfall from the Iranian Embassy Siege in London on May 5th 1980. This is a limited (100) 40th Anniversary display. The plaque reads the words by Robin Horsfall that are posted on the wall of the Imperial War Museum – ‘If you come to our country and you kill people, you’re not going home again’.

These items are manufactured to order and are hand signed.

Signed copy of Robin Horsfall Best Selling Books

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Father, Brother, Husband, Granperant, Great Granperent, Karate 6th Dan
SAS, Para, Shot, Stabbed, Bombed, Lost & Bullied

The story of Robin Horsfall

Robin Edward Horsfall was born Robin Edward Thane in 1957 to an English mother and father in Farnham, Surrey, UK. His birth father was a convicted criminal and he never met him during his childhood. Following a divorce and new marriage his step father adopted him and gave him the name Horsfall. Robin had five younger siblings three brothers and two sisters. He did well at school and passed his 11 plus to go to Farnham Grammar School in Surrey.

A broken family life adversely affected his education so he left school in 1972 at the age of fifteen and joined the army as a boy soldier. Despite a long period of isolation and bullying by his peers he became a full member of the Parachute Regiment in 1974 and served three tours of Northern Ireland. In 1978 he volunteered for SAS selection and passed on his second attempt in March 1979. He qualified as a Paramedic and Sniper. He was a member of the SAS counter terrorist team that assaulted the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980 rescuing nineteen hostages who had been held for six days. 

The Books of Robin Horsfall

The Words of the Wise Old Paratrooper Trilogy
& Best Selling  Fighting Scared

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